The Neighborhood Watch Committee is a team of trained volunteers. They enhance vital crime prevention services and community awareness through proactive law enforcement principles, by being additional eyes and ears for law enforcement.

Neighborhood Watch Committee members do not take enforcement action, carry weapons or make arrests. All suspicious activity is reported to the Police.

The Neighborhood Watch Committee Program is designed for the volunteer who has an interest in helping law enforcement and the community.

Who to contact at the Elkton Police Department:
Sergeant Angelo Giafes is a direct link for neighbor questions or concerns. He can be best reached by email at: You may also contact officers: Lutenant Waldridge at: and Office M. Donnelly at:

Recommendations to alleviate crime:

Secure your home with alarms

Make sure your address is clearly visible

Clean your property to include less clutter

Shrubbery trimmed back from windows to alleviate a possible place for thieves to hide

Secure your property with motion lighting detectors (use 60 watt light bulbs)

Make sure doors, cars, and garage doors are always locked

If you leave your home for 10 minutes, make sure you secure and lock all doors and windows

Notify your neighbors if you are leaving for vacation

Beware of newspaper build-ups

Consider interior lighting

If you are leaving to go out of town, call the EPD at (410) 398-2222 for security checks

Consider greeting folks who may ride by. This alerts them of your awareness of their presence.

Consider Shriek Alarms which can be purchased at Wal-mart

Trust your instincts

Never allow for strangers to enter your home

Get to know your neighbors, and create a buddy system by exchanging phone numbers

Engrave your valuables

Don’t hide outdoor keys in obvious places